8 Ways why Analytics makes your Marketing Attribution Simple & Clear

Many marketers want to investigate their cross-channel efforts. However, they use one tracking system for search, one for display, another for email marketing, yet another for social media, and the list goes on. Because these systems are not compatible with each other, it is often very difficult to create a single multi-channel attribution model. But attribution does not have to be complex. The right tool can handle the complexities and give you the clarity you need.

Analytic tools makes attribution simple. With an analytics tool you are able to choose the style of attribution that is right for you, establish a single, trusted view of information in a way that creates organizational clarity, trust and alignment between Marketing, Sales, Services and Finance. Measuring the impact of all your online and offline efforts and realizing the ones that get you to revenue faster has never been easier.

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Bring Clarity, Trust and Speed to Your Data-Driven Marketing

Your data is everywhere – in web analytics, marketing automation, CRM, and other systems. It takes too long to get a single view of your data. You end up in disputes with sales, service, and finance teams over figures and can’t make decisions. With Birst BI, you can unify all your marketing data into a single and trusted view, at business speed, and start making marketing decisions in real-time and in alignment with other teams.

Digital Analytics as a Service

With Birst BI, you can bring data together from both online and offline channels—such as data from CRM and Point-of-Sales systems, as well as live data from Social and Web channels—to create a single, trusted view of marketing attribution.

Birst are offered as a Analytic service to simplify your work and let you focus on attribution use-cases.