High-performance database

The EXASOL solution expands Lincube offering of Governed Self-Service Data Discovery to help enterprises to attain extreme levels of performance and scale against complex data sets such as Big Data or Internet of Things projects, while also maintaining data consistency and trust.

EXASOL is a intelligent, high performance MPP In-Memory Database specially designed for Analytics. The database is packed with great features that make it the right choice for your BI, reporting, visualization and reporting needs. By adopting the new technologies, you can totally revolutionize the way you access your data, read more about EXASOL here.

Here are the top 12 reasons why you should consider using EXASOL:

Real In-memory technology

We are not talking about client side caching like Microstrategy or QlikView. EXASOL has innovative in-memory algorithms enable large amounts of data to be processed in main memory for dramatically faster access times.

Column based storage & Compression

Columnar storage and compression reduces the number of I/O operations and amount of data needed for processing in main memory.

Massive Parallell Processing

The database was developed as a parallel system based on a shared nothing architecture. Queries are distributed across all nodes in a cluster using special parallel algorithms that process data locally in each node’s main memory.

High user concurrency

Thousands of users can simultaneously access and analyze data without compromising query performance, making it an ideal solution for organizations where numerous users need to analyze data at the same time.

Linear Scalability

Linear scalability lets you to extend your database system and increase performance by adding additional nodes with ease.

Tuning free database that Self optimizes

Intelligent algorithms continuously monitor usage and perform self-tuning, which optimizes system performance and minimizes administrative work.

Industry Standard Interfaces

Leverage your favorite SQL-based BI, reporting, visualization and data integration tools with EXASOL’s support for ODBC, JDBC, MDX, and ADO.net.

In-database Analytics

The database can be extended with a comprehensive suite of analytical functions including scalar, aggregate and geospatial functions. Users can write User Defined Functions (UDFs) using Lua, Python, Java or R to support in-database analytics.

Support for Hadoop Based solutions

The database also supports the integration of Hadoop clusters, the implementation of MapReduce algorithms and the processing of unstructured data, so you can get a more comprehensive understanding of your customers and operations.

Next generation preference Analytics

A unique new feature is Skyline – an extension to SQL supporting preference analytics, the next generation of analytics. Skyline performs multi-criteria optimization right inside the database, taking full advantage of the database’s distributed and parallel processing.

Seamless integration to existing environment

Implementing EXASOL does not require you to replace your existing systems. It can be implemented alongside existing infrastructure as a complementary solution, to provide the high performance analytics that your current systems cannot deliver. For example, the database supports much of the commonly used Oracle SQL syntax, facilitating rapid, low-impact migration in Oracle environments.

Flexible deployment model

EXASOL is a truly flexible solution and is available either as a software-only solution, an appliance or in the cloud.

Lincube are an Nordic resell partner of EXASOLexasol_partner_reselling

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