Lincube provides Snowflake the #1 Cloud Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Modernization

Zero management solution

Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS)

Snowflake’s patented multi-cluster, shared data architecture makes it possible to support any scale of data, workload, and users. Its innovative approach to supporting both semi-structured and structured data in a single system makes it ideal for combining data in one location.

Simplifying Data Lake

Support all data and all users

A data warehouse and lake all in one

Times are changing. When you want to build a data lake, you don’t have to compromise having an enterprise data warehouse too.

Data Sharehouse

Share and Imagine More

Unlock all the potential of your data

Snowflake Data Sharing is by far the simplest method for sharing data between organizations. Take an in-depth look at how Data Sharing works in this solution brief, and see how other organizations are taking advantage of Data Sharing today.

Hadoop Alternative

Toss the complexity. Go for simplicity

Big Data warehousing and Big Data analytics made simple

When you are looking for an alternative to Hadoop, turn to Snowflake. Snowflake requires no software stack to certify, provision, and maintain. Snowflake also provides a single, robust ANSI SQL environment, that is ACID-compliant, to query all of your diverse data. Learn more in our solution brief.

The Data Warehouse Built for the Cloud

Our customers work with Cloud Analytics, and we help them lead their work more efficiently in the cloud and with Snowflake.

Smart Analytics 75%
Data Lake 95%
Internet of Things 60%
Machine Learning & AI 56%
MPP Datawarehouse 100%
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Lincube is a leading Snowflake consulting partner

...we have been working with Cloud Analytics since 2013 and have the deepest knowledge of architecture, deployment, optimization and management in the Nordics. This will help our customers to improve their performance, scalability, operations and cost effectiveness in the cloud.

Read the TPC-DS benchmark from Fivetran, a standard data warehouse benchmark that includes a lot of complicated queries.

  • 100gb of data in uncompressed CSV form
  • 100s of millions of rows in the larger fact tables
  • 99 Complex queries
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