Digital Marketing Analytics

Lincube appreciates that companies need to link their marketing and sales processes, because customers’ purchase behaviors have changed radically in recent years. The overall goal is to create a better customer experience and optimize business processes.

The challenge is all about capturing digital data and transforming it into insight. The possibilities are endless!

The Solution

Our solution unifies, refines and embeds an integrated view of marketing data into every decision so marketers can create greater awareness, acquire new customers and nurture existing relationships. It integrates online and offline sources of marketing data to provide a complete picture of the customer journey, from audiences to prospects to profitable customers. The solution can be used in the following areas:

Built-in Connectors

Utilize pre-built connectors of, Marketo, Eloqua, Netsuite, Workday, Zendesk, Adobe Omniture and Google Analytics. You can also connect directly to SAP or if you need connectors to any on-premises application such as Siebel (Oracle), Microsoft Dynamics or Visma there is an application connector framework easy to deploy at your site.

Learn more of Digital Marketing Analytics:

Digital Marketing Analytics

This video covers how Marketing Analytics unified all your data into a single and trusted view, so you can accelerate your lead-to-revenue cycle, gain a trusted view of marketing attribution, grow and retain your high value customers and create alignment between sales, marketing, service and finance.

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