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Digitalization makes it a necessity to find ways of understanding and predicting what the client wants. It is a question of survival to be able to transfer revenue streams from the old business to new ones or in fact add new revenue streams from the opportunities that digitalization makes possible. On top of this, new buying processes have changed your customers digital behaviour and as a company you need to consider a strategy for communication and omni-channel offers.

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The Lincube Customer Insight solution will help you in the process of planning, offer executing and follow-up on your customer base. There are several questions you will get answer to on each process step. See below:

We have developed this solution for customers who are unsatisfied with siloed, black-box, inflexible CRM-, CMS-, Web Analytic and Data Mining systems which are unable to provide 360° View of Customer across the digital and physical world, Lincube Customer Insight is an packaged solution that integrates online and physical customer data and has several components, these are:

Visualization & Reporting: To be able to use your insight as both a tactical tool but also more operational our solution provides you to visualize data in a very flexible way. We have also built standard reports and a customer dashboard with important KPI´s ready to use.

Predictive analytics, which uses an pre-built standard analytical model that is derived from historical data to determine the likelihood of certain events that might occur in the future.

Model Data: We don´t believe in having just sample data to train your decision model, there are a huge risk that you you are not enough objective when considering extraction of data samples. What we have included in the solution is a full data set of the entire customer base.

Data Warehouse with historical data that is structured for control, consistency, and integrity is included in the solution. The data warehouse stores an integrated multi-channel view of the customer.

Pre-built Connectors, Our solution is enabled with pre-built connectors to many CRM- /Clickstream- and Content Management systems, you can easily add any number of custom dimensions and immediately learn more about any customer base. Subsequently you can use the insight for recommendations and export segments to your CRM system for enhanced campaign management or better communication.

Information Integration, which moves, transforms, and remediates information as it flows between the other components, ensuring the appropriate level of quality. It also uses sophisticated customer matching to match customers across channels and integrates and persists all customer behaviors to create a complete understanding of the customer.

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