Cloud BI

Lincube offers a cloud-based BI as a Service platform that reduce the time, cost and required expertise to develop analytics-rich, vertical BI applications.

Analytics platform for ALL needs
The smart query- and analytics cache engine and a job/report scheduler in combination with a predictive analytics engine will help with enhanced end user experience. It supports all major styles of business intelligence, including interactive dashboards, ad hoc analysis, data visualization, pixel-perfect banded report writing and mobile device access. Users can filter results via prompts or lasso filters. Dashboards support flexible drill-anywhere capabilities. Both charts and tables can drill across any desired target report, dashboard or external URL. Embedded images and sub-reports are fully supported.

Both business users and administrators can schedule reports for delivery by email. Alerts are supported e.g at a scheduled time, you can run a trigger report to evaluate a specified condition. When the condition is satisfied, (a KPI falls below a certain threshold) the alert email will go out.

Self service Data Preparation and Datawarehouse Automation
The data integration process are now accessible to business analysts, in addition to traditional IT users, to address the ongoing and time-consuming data preparation.

The patented Automated Data Refinement together with the self-service data preparation feature enable business users to reduce the time and complexity of preparing data for analysis in a governed and reusable way. Features like visual data flow building and automation, datamodel design, intelligent joins, intelligent profiling, hierarchy- and timeseries generation and data blending from varied data sources are all included.

Uniform semantic layer
The platform provides a unified logical metadata layer which ensures a single version of the truth for every user. Maintenance is easier as changes are automatically propagated through the environment.

Cloud platform benefits
A true cloud platform! The platform is built on a modern, multi-tenant, service-oriented architecture using the latest web standards.

For business user this means no hassle with installation, capacity planning, upgrades, maintenance, No hardware issues – you can keep business focus rather than having your projects turn into a IT focused project.

Built-in Connectors & Live Access
Utilize pre-built connectors of Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, Netsuite, Workday, Zendesk, Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics. You can also connect directly to SAP or automatically build a data warehouse in HANA. If you already have a data store that you are happy with there is live access to data warehouses, data marts, XMLA cubes or any application database. There is also an application connector framework to any connect to any on-premises database, cloud application or Big Data sources.

Powerful & Affordable Data Warehouse Appliance
Our solution uses a patented analytics automation that reduces implementation time and maintenance costs while enabling rapid deployment. Data Warehouse automation creates pre-built fact, dimension and time-series measures direct into Amazon Redshift, Exasol or SAP Hana which helps you spend less time data modeling and more time analyzing your data.

Fee per month/user
Explore Data in seconds
Simple-to-use, Self-service Visualizations from applications, DW´s & cubes
Visual Discovery
In-memory Calculation Engine
Platform Hosting & Support
No DW Fee, use your existing data
(10GB user storage incl.)
Fee per month/user
$price tab
All you need for smaller deployments
Combines self-service BI, Visualization & Data Integration in ONE platform
Get all BASE features PLUS
Interactive Dashboards
Uniform Semantic Layer
ETL & DW Automation
DW Appliance
DW Fee per year (50GB incl.)
Fee per month/user
$price tab
Enterprise BI
Full suite of analytic tools designed to satisfy an entire company's reporting needs
Get all BUSINESS features PLUS
Mobile BI
Advanced Analytics
Columnar DW
Live Access & query federation
SW Hosting & Premium Support
DW Fee per year (200GB incl.)
Fee per month/user
$price tab
Large data volumes
Analyze without moving data to memory, Includes tools to collect and model Big Data
Get all ENTERPRISE features PLUS
Big Data Connectors
Fast & Cost Effective Data Warehouse
DW Exasol, AWS Redshift or SAP Hana
DW Fee per usage or reserved nodes (4TB incl.)

All editions can be offered as both Public- or Private Cloud i.e. on your preferred hosting center. Our solution are certified for ISO27001 and SOC II, TYPE II and EU Safe Harbor. ENTERPRISE edition also supports Always-On, virtual spaces, instant movement between DEV/UAT/PROD and instant upgrades.

Predictable TCO

Lincube BI pricing is based on two simple variables so you can easily calculate your total cost today and in the future.

  • #1 per User / Reporting, Visualization and Analytics
  • #2 per Gigabyte / Data Warehouse
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No Setup Fees
Honestly, we’re not sure how other vendors can justify their high setup fees, especially on top of their already expensive and required long-term contractual commitments. Our advanced Cloud architecture makes provisioning a new account quick and simple. Why should we charge a fee for that?

No Maintenance Fees
Lincube BI offer is a subscription based service so there are zero maintenance fees. Your monthly service fee is what you pay–nothing more. Our monthly charge will be less than what you’d pay the multiple traditional vendors for your database, data integration and BI system just in maintenance fees alone. Crazy, but true.

No Pricing Games
We believe in making your costs, today and tomorrow, transparent and easy to calculate.

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How We Do It
First, Lincube Cloud BI is powered by Birst BI and/or AWS and has been built for the Cloud since 2005, today 10000+ organisations uses this unique BI platform. The Cloud is simply less expensive, if anyone tries to charge you traditional pricing but in a Cloud version, they are out of line. The Cloud changes the pricing game significantly and that’s good for everyone but old-school vendors. Second, we don’t have the bloated sales and marketing teams that traditional vendors carry. Think of what traditional vendors charge. Think of the commissions they have to pay their sales teams. With Lincube BI, Cloud-based cost savings quickly roll down to your company.

Why We Do It
Our business philosophy is simple–provide outstanding tools, technology and value for your long-term success so that you’ll be our customer for a long time. It’s really the best motivation in a partnership you can have–your success is our mutual success. It’s what drives us every day.

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